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Big Lake Cruisers Car Club

Big Lake Cruisers Car Club
Clewiston, FL

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Our 33rd Annual Rod Run: Saturday, March 21st, 2020
The Rod Run is the annual fundraiser for the Big Lake Cruisers. Most of the proceeds fund local youth charities with the club retaining a small percentage for operating costs during the year. The date for our next Rod Run is Saturday, March 21st, 2020 in conjunction with Clewiston's annual Sugar Festival event. This is a great event which includes life music, crafts, and much more. Please see our flyer for the event below for more information.  
Our Rod Run is open to any classic, collectible, antique or unique automobile or truck. If you are proud of it and want to show it off, it can be registered in our Rod Run.
Individuals or clubs are welcome to participate in our Rod Run. We do ask that if you belong to a club, that you include that information on your registration so your club can receive recognition.
  Click Here   for the flyer for this event.
  Click Here   for the registration for this event. 

About Club Participation: If you are a member of a club and want to park together as a club unit, simply have a representative contact one of our club officers with the number of parking spaces that you would like reserved. This needs to be done prior to the day of the event. We will hold the spaces as long as possible, but if you have late arrivals or stragglers, we can not guarantee that they will get to park with their club. We will have club members available to guide you to a parking area.
About arrival time: We ask that you arrive  8 a.m or after. Prior to 8 a.m., is a very hectic time  with everyone trying to set up as well as off-loading supplies and equipment. As long as you get there before 12 noon when registration closes, you are good to go. If you arrive after 12 noon, you will still have to pay a registration fee, but you will not be eligible for any awards.
About directions: The Rod Run is located  at Municipal Park in Clewiston on Sugarland Hwy./ US 27.    We will have directional signs on the outskirts of town and down Sugarland Hwy. We will also have club personnel on the highway at the entrance to be used for rod run participants. Please do not move or go around any barricades you may encounter. 

Other things you need to know

Sorry, city ordinances do not allow pets in the park.

You will want to bring chairs for seating. Portable shade canopies are welcome.  There are a few trees, but as you can imagine, any available shade goes pretty fast.